Details Answers the Existential Questions

“Bill wanted it and I understand why,” said Mr. Peres. “He wanted to pack a punch in the first half of that year.”

(The 10th anniversary issue ultimately had seven fewer ad pages than last year’s March issue; March issues are seen almost as important as September issues for fashion magazines.)

So where does Details turn next now that it has its lifeline? Mr. Wackermann has been trying to be bold on the business side, and Mr. Peres said the magazine would be slightly less gloomy—fewer stories on Should You have Children? or Why You Should Retire—but added, “Is the core DNA of this magazine changing? No.”

So for those in media circles who scratch their head trying to understand Details—Is it gay, or not? Why is there so much bathroom humor? What’s the point?—they’ll probably have more to say.

(In fact, here’s one of them! The magazine’s former fashion director, Michael Macko, who was laid off in October, said in an interview, “The Details reader loves fashion, but Details doesn’t love fashion. If Dan Peres is Details, Details resents fashion. It’s biting the hand that feeds it.” Mr. Peres responded by saying, “There’s a difference between respecting and appreciating fashion and being a fashion victim, clearly a distinction lost on some.”)

One thing is evident: Mr. Peres has no apologies.

“I’m not making a magazine for everyone,” said Mr. Peres. “We have a loyal readership, and they happen to be a desirable group and appealing to marketers. And not everyone is apart of that group. Why is this magazine here? Why is this magazine reporting on someone with Down syndrome who is trying to lose his virginity? It’s not for everyone.”

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Details Answers the Existential Questions