Real Simple Editor Makes Gossip Boring

Real Simple editor Kristin van Ogtrop has a piece on HuffPo that contains what seems to be a blind-item type reference (“Insanely transparent,” per Jezebel) to Anna Wintour–“a woman who is universally regarded as terrifying, both by those who have worked for her and those who haven’t.” OMG:

One day I was in her office when she was on the phone with her teenage daughter. The daughter apparently didn’t like what Mom had to say because she hung up on her. The teenage daughter, hanging up on the Most Terrifying Person in the World! It was a thrilling moment for me, on so many levels.

Yawn. We grow weary of the dragon-lady schadenfreude. We want to read a gossip item about Anna Wintour having a pleasant interpersonal interaction that her former subordinates recall with bland good will.