S.I. Advance Calls Labor’s Bluff

Rep. Mike McMahon was the only Democrat in the New York City delegation to vote agaisnt the health care bill yesterday, angering many of the labor unions that have threatened to withhold their support for anyone who voted against the bill.

But the Staten Island Advance, which opposed the bill, has a defense of McMahon, and says the union’s threat doesn’t make much sense in McMahon’s district:

Of course, if the unions aren’t happy with Mr. McMahon, they can always back an opponent, perhaps a third-party candidate. That might weaken the Democratic incumbent to a degree, but that third-party candidate isn’t going to win the election, SEIU support notwithstanding. In any case, unions don’t want to be associated with candidates who lose badly, as minor-party candidates tend to do on a regular basis.

What’s more if the unions’ vengeful gambit works, it could cause Mr. McMahon to lose his seat to Michael Grimm, Mike Allegretti or another Republican candidate. Would the union bosses now throwing their weight around consider that a success?