Items! Monserrate Breaks Some Laws, Apps Underwhelm

hiram222 0 Items! Monserrate Breaks Some Laws, Apps UnderwhelmIt’s election day, and Hiram Monserrate broke some laws. [City Room]

If he wins, the Examiner thinks he’ll be the most powerful man in Albany. [Examiner]

LaDainian Tomlinson says the Jets play his type of football. [ESPN]

The fashion of Congressional candidate Reshma Saujani. [DNA Info]

Lloyd Blankfein gets a lot of hate mail. [NY Mag]

Conde Nast’s iPad app: “underwhelming,” says at least one source. [Fashionista]

David Paterson talks about Andrew Cuomo’s legacy. [Politics on the Hudson]

We hope Terry Richardson didn’t try to pull anything shady with Omar. [Viceland]

Catholic bishops don’t like the health care bill. [WaPo]

AOL discovers that citizen journalists can be flaky. [Gawker]

No more black-market beekeeping operations; it’s all above board now. [City Room]

Nuns are super fashionable. [Refinery 29]

There will be jetpacks. [WaPo]

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