Karl Rove Takes No Crap From ‘Swamp Fever’ Victims

On the back cover of Karl Rove’s new book–Courage and Consequence–there’s a picture of him whispering into President Bush’s ear, which is basically what he spent seven years doing.

Mr. Rove told the Daily Caller he didn’t have anything to do with choosing the photo, and that it doesn’t really reinforce the ridiculous idea of him as “Bush’s Brain,” and that it shouldn’t even matter.

“Only the most absurd, you know, sort of swamp fever victims still believe that Bush relies upon somebody else’s brain,” said Mr. Rove, who felt even a “light reading” of his book puts that notion to rest.

Not that he himself, nor Mr. Bush, ever engaged in light reading. On the contrary. In this video from the publisher, he somewhat laboriously describes a spirited reading contest between the two men in 2005. But the most entertaining part is at the 40-second mark when he takes a stab at pronouncing one of his favorite writers: Jorge Luis Borges. (Mr. Rove’s interpretation is something like Hor-jay Louis Bor-gas.)