Lazio for Senate?

Maggie Haberman has an item about a rumored effort to get Rick Lazio to run for an office other than governor. (And put Steve Levy up as the candidate.)

It’s not likely to happen, but some in the state Republican Party who aren’t backing Lazio’s candidacy seem to be trying to at least entertain the idea.

When I asked about the item, State Republican Party spokesman Alex Carey sent this statement.

“I’ve certainly heard rumblings from Republicans in this state about the potential benefits of Mr. Lazio switching over to race for Senator Gillibrand’s seat. I have no knowledge, however, of Chairman Cox having discussed this with anyone or even considering a Lazio Senate run as a possibility.”

A number of Republicans have taken a pass on challenging Kirsten Gillibrand, an appointed senator who appears somewhat vulnerable.

Lazio for Senate?