Levy’s Bet

Steve Levy’s campaign emailed supporters just now asking them to go to News 12 Long Island’s web site and vote in a poll today, which asks, “Would you vote for Suffolk County Exec Steve Levy if he ran for governor?”

“Make your voice heard, and please take a couple of seconds out of your day to say YES,” Levy’s email said. Then it urges people to “Help get the word out and sent to 10, 20 or as many friends as you can.”

Most politicians have a way of dismissing poll numbers if they’re bad, or embracing them if they’re good–this is more of a gamble. By soliciting votes, Levy is sort of professing faith in the poll, which could backfire if a majority say they would not vote for him. It will be harder for him to criticized, for example, the sample size.

About an hour after he sent his 7:35 a.m. email, I checked the results.

666 people, or 49 percent said yes.

691 people, or 51 percent, said no.



Levy’s Bet