Life after Conde: Brandon Holley and Ruth Reichl Find Time for Nice Meals

Devin Leonard has a lovely piece on former Jane editor Brandon Holley. After her magazine folded, she left Conde Nast and started at Yahoo. Her now life is nothing like time at 4 Times Square, but there are ways to make up for it:

Something that she and her New York editors, all print veterans, missed in the new gig was the publishing industry ritual of regularly going out to lunch. Ms. Holley thought she had a solution: she insisted that they meet every Thursday at the Chelsea office of Yahoo and dine at a nearby restaurant.

Speaking of that, former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl tweeted that she had a delightful breakfast at Balthazar yesterday and dinner at SushiZen:

Springtime at SushiZen; so hopeful. A promise of the season to come. Vibrant spring greens, delicate fish, a taste of the very near future.