Met Guards Start a Magazine

The artists whose day job is guarding the Metropolitan Museum of Art have started a magazine to showcase their own work. It’s called Sw!pe, costs $20, and contains the work of 35 guards. NPR recounts the magazine’s genesis:

Jason Eskenazi was a guard at the Met until last November. He says that one day, when he was standing around at his job feeling a bit bored, he thought, “You know, the guards really matter in this museum, and so I walked over to a co-worker, and I said, ‘Dave, we should do a magazine called Guards Matter.’ “

Dave agreed, but wondered where the apostrophe should fit into the title: before the “S” or after?

“Is it about, that the guards matter? Or is it about the matter of the guards?” Eskenazi says. “And we thought it’s basically about both those things.”

The catchier, more inventively punctuated current name came only later.

Work from Sw!pe can be seen at the gallery 25CPW. Coupled with the Lower East Side Art Handling Olympics? It’s the art world peon’s time to shine!

Met Guards Start a Magazine