Michael Musto and the Voice Celebrate 25 Years Together

The Village Voice celebrated Michael Musto’s 25th anniversary as a columnist last night, with a party hosted by Michael Urie and Joan Rivers at 230 Fifth.

The Transom caught up with Mr. Musto during the Bonbon afterparty.

“I would love to keep posting and just rest on my laurels,” he said. “No, I’m kidding. I approach every day new, but I love my job so much I’d love to do it until I’m 150.”

His secret to longevity in the often tumultuous world of nightlife is no drinking or drugs. “I’m like a diabetic in a candystore,” he quipped.

“New Yorkers have the courage to tap into their inner club kid-to bring I out, live on the edge and say to the world ‘this is the real me, not the 9-5 me,'” he said, looking serious. Mr. Musto, who is shy and nervous in person, clutched the edge of a velvet curtain as we spoke, slightly grinning as his mind played back 25 years of documenting New York’s underground.

“Everyone that’s here is someone who wasn’t loved enough as a child, but we create this family here, where everything is accepted, you know, and we all accept each other for the same things we used to get made fun of.”


Michael Musto and the Voice Celebrate 25 Years Together