Monserrate Probably Can’t Get Peralta’s Assembly Seat

Now that Jose Peralta is moving to the State Senate, his Assembly seat will be up for grabs, which, notably and not really surpisingly, Hiram Monserrate has made noise about running for.

Can Monserrate win Peralta’s seat?

A breakdown from yesterday’s election seems to suggest not. The Senate district that resoundingly rejected Monserrate yesterday is made up of primarily three Assembly districts. Monserrate trailed by far in each of them, including Peralta’s.

Here’s the breakdown, courtesy of Peralta’s campaign:

34 A.D.: The heart of Jackson Heights, represented by Assemblyman Michael DekDekker
Peralta: 70 percent
Monserrate: 21 percent
Beltrani:9 percent

35 A.D.: Represented by Assemblyman Jeff Aubry
Peralta: 60 percent
Monserrate: 36 percent
Beltrani: 5 percent

39 A.D.: Represented by Assemblyman Jose Peralta
Peralta: 66 percent
Monserrate: 27percent
Beltrani: 7 percent

Also worth noting: The City Council district Monserrate represented for nearly eight years is split between the 35 and 39 Assembly districts. So, if he ran for Peralta’s seat, only half of those constituents who may remember him from his old Council days are there to help him out.

Also, the Lefrak building, a place where Monserrate had campaigned strongly in when he nearly ousted John Sabini in a 2006 state senate race, isn’t in Peralta’s Assembly district, so, one demonstrated source of Monserrate votes won’t be available.

Monserrate Probably Can’t Get Peralta’s Assembly Seat