Monserrate Won’t Judge Paterson

Yes We Can candidate Hiram Monserrate–who is now running for re-election, after being expelled from the State Senate for his role in an alleged incident of domestic violence–is not rushing to judgment on the accusations against Governor Paterson. From City Hall News:

“I’ve had disagreements with him on policy-the Senate most certainly has at different times-but I believe that he can continue to do the basic job of being governor until the next election, which is a few months away,” Monserrate said. “I will not cast judgments on the governor. I don’t know the facts, and as such I can’t come to any conclusions.”


“There are people questioning his ability to govern right now. I’m not one, but people are. And so I raise this to put things into context about how important it is to have our elected officials do their jobs,” Monserrate said. “At the time when so many people are questioning that, and so all these concerns are happening in our state, Mr. Peralta’s having coffee in coffee shops and campaigning. I don’t think that’s what the state of New York pays him for.”

(Mr. Peralta, for his part, took the position that he will wait for the results of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s investigation before he weighs in on whether the governor should resign.)

Other Latino lawmakers also expressed support for Mr. Paterson after a meeting at the Capitol yesterday–including Mr. Monserrate’s one-time partner in rebellion. “We want the governor to stay governor, to see us through the most difficult budget period in our lifetimes and to work together, and I think that has been achieved,” State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. told Jimmy Vielkind. And he appaerently offered this advice: “Do what Pedro does: report to work, don’t listen to and read everything that’s said about you, stay compartmentalized, stay focused on the job.”

Monserrate Won’t Judge Paterson