Move Over, Alec! Andy Garcia Was Door-Punching Dad, Daughter Says

City Island, a comedy set in the quaint, Bronx fishing village is about a family who can’t seem to tell each other the truth. Vince Rizzo (Andy García) is a corrections officer and a father of two (three, if you count his long-lost, ex-con son, played by Steven Strait) who secretly runs off to acting class and tells his wife (Julianna Margulies) he’s playing poker. She thinks he’s having an affair. Oh, and their daughter’s a stripper. Whee!

“Coming from my own dysfunctional family it’s kind of great to see another one,” designer Vera Wang, wearing a black feather skirt and a plunging-necklined top of her own design, told the Transom duromg the film’s premiere last night at the Director’s Guild of America on 57th Street.

Mr. García said that when it comes to his own family, he’s “always had a philosophy with being straightforward.” His daughter Dominik García-Lorido, who also plays his daughter in the movie, did not contradict this: She said that she didn’t own keys to the house as a teenager because her parents had to see what she looked like when she came home. Wearing an Erin Fetherston navy jumpsuit, she laughed about the time her father punched a hole through her door because she fell asleep with it locked and couldn’t hear him banging on it. (Sounds like some good times in the Garcia household….)

Meanwhile, actor Hugh Jackman, there as a guest, admitted that City Island had hitherto been a mystery to him. “Finally, today I saw it on a map!” he told the Transom.

And after the screening, during a party at Rouge Tomate, Christine Baranksi let the Transom in on a little trade secret: “We’re always telling our secrets through our acting,” she said.







Move Over, Alec! Andy Garcia Was Door-Punching Dad, Daughter Says