New York Times Magazine Profiles Lockhart Steele

This weekend in the New York Times Magazine, Mark Oppenheimer profiles Curbed founder Lockhart Steele, who we learn is 36 years old, grew up in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, attended St. Paul’s, co-wrote and self-published an authoritative Phish compendium, graduated from Brown, once was in the Hamptons with Rachel Sklar, sometimes wears flowered shirts, was involved in a tragic car accident that still haunts him, debated against Mark Oppenheimer in high school, is friends with David Chang, first explained Twitter to Brooke Hammerling, rents a one-bedroom apartment on Rivington but is thinking about buying (if he can find the time), is circumspect about his romantic life, and created a series of Web sites about everything from real estate to food to Robert Scarano, which a lot of us enjoy reading.