NYTV: Glenn Beck’s Enemies List Grows By One King of the World, Tina Fey Translates Tracy Morgan, and More

Just a day after it came out that Avatar director James Cameron thinks Glenn Beck is an “asshole,” the sweaty Fox talker struck back on his own show and the results were decidedly less, shall we say, to the point. Mocking Mr. Cameron for directing Piranha 2: The Spawning feels a little trite when he’s directed two of the biggest movies ever made. Nice try though, Glenn.

Tina Fey visited with David Letterman last night and gave everyone a Tracy Morgan-approved nickname for Hugh Jackman: “Jack Human.”

Meanwhile, her one-time Weekend Update co-anchor, Jimmy Fallon, no doubt spurred on by Joe Biden’s liberal use of the f-word, came up with a new take on the Schoolhouse Rock classic, “I’m Just a Bill.”

And finally, Miley Cyrus is a major recording star, but after her performance on American Idol last night, there’s a very good chance she might wind up in the bottom-three come next week. Yeesh.

What to Watch Tonight

March Madness returns to CBS; The Office goes out for a night on the town; and Hot Tub Time Machine star–did we just say “Hot Tub Time Machine star”?–and all-around funny guy Rob Corddry sits down with Jimmy Fallon.