Paterson: Just Read the Damn Ravitch Report and Stop Asking About Borrowing

Governor Paterson is unhappy with the way the details of Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch’s five year fiscal plan have leaked out. That is to say he’s sick of questions about borrowing. (The report’s now scheduled to be unveiled to the public at noon today). 

He was asked about the report, which is set to to call for short-term borrowing in exchange for limits on spending, after speaking at the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association breakfast at Bayard’s this morning.

Mr. Ravitch’s “discussion of borrowing was taken completely out of context,” Paterson told reporters. “What there is, is basically a structure moving forward for borrowing. Because short-term borrowing does take place in government all the time. But there is a limit to how much you can borrow.

“This whole discussion of borrowing is a leak. And it’s a leak that is inaccurate. You get what I’m saying? It never said that in the report. Lt. Governor Ravitch never said anything about it, and I never said anything about it. And I’m not going to take any more questions about a leak that is inaccurate.”

The governor did acknowledge there would be borrowing in the report.