Paterson on State Police Chief Corbitt: No Comment

Asked about the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Governor David Paterson said, “I would think if Mr. Cuomo wants to serve as governor, [he has] to mindful of [his] professional duties first.”

“The attorney general has done his job extraordinarily well,” Mr. Paterson said.

When asked if he still had confidence in Harry Corbitt, superintendent of the state police, Mr. Paterson said, “I really shouldn’t comment on the investigation.”

“In an investigation, you are not permitted to discuss [the events].”

“This is the only response I can give you,” Mr. Paterson Paterson said.

Members of the state police under Mr. Corbitt are accused of pressuring a woman into not filing a restraining order against a top gubernatorial aide.

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Paterson on State Police Chief Corbitt: No Comment