Paterson Patient on Massa Election, Still No Date With Investigators

David Paterson did not commit to a specific date by which he’d call a special election for the upstate congressional seat vacated by Democratic Rep. Eric Massa.

“I would not imagine it would be too long,” Paterson said this morning during an interview on WOR News Talk Radio.

Massa resigned from Congress amid accusations he groped a male staffer, an incident that was being investigated by the House Ethics Commission. Upon Massa’s resignation, the committee ceased investigating the incident.

When asked about the investigation Paterson is facing by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for allegedly interfering in a domestic violence case involving a former aide, the governor said he has no timetable by which he’ll speak with investigators.

Paterson said on Monday that he spoke with his criminal defense lawyer over the weekend. Also on Monday, he told reporters that he hadn’t spoke with investigators from Cuomo’s office.

Radio host John Gambling announced this morning that he and Paterson would be on air for an hour next week for a wide-ranging discussion. Gambling asked if Paterson would address the investigation. Paterson said no, because he’s waiting to tell his version of events to investigators, and speaking publicly could taint the investigation.