Paul Sevigny Would Like Everyone to ‘Forget the Beatrice Ever Existed’

Just as Paul Sevigny had promised, his new place with Rose Bar proprietor Nur Kahn called Kenmare is officially opening tonight and Women’s Wear Daily tried to sit down with the owners to learn more about it. Tried because while Mr. Kahn and chef Joey Campanaro (of Little Owl) showed up to convince the daily that Kenmare really will be a restaurant and not another Beatrice, there was this lengthy parenthetical in the roughly 500-word article: “(Khan does seem serious enough about Kenmare’s culinary rep. Sevigny’s failure to show up for the interview despite repeated calls and texts doesn’t bode as well for his intentions, though he says he wasn’t told about the meeting. He was reached via phone the following day.)”

Earlier this month, Mr. Sevigny was annoyed that new bars were still comparing themselves to the Beatrice Inn and told the Daily Transom: “It’s utterly ridiculous. I don’t even want to compare myself to that. That was a specific place and time. It’s certainly not going to be like it. Can’t all these people stand on their own two feet?”

When finally reached by WWD, he seemed even more intent on putting the nightclub that brought him so much attention behind him. “We have a very exciting space we’re working on right now,” he said, telling WWD about another space he is developing with Mr. Kahn. “Hopefully within a month or two it’s going to be open, and people will forget the Beatrice ever existed.”