Rahm Week and Geithner Month

This morning, The Times rushed out its 8,000-word, Sunday magazine profile of Rahm Emanuel–apparently not wishing to be too far behind the 4,600-word story about him that appeared in the New Republic and a 2,300-word story in The Washington Post (in addition to a column that preceded it).

Rahm Emanuel Week, which happens to advance the notion that Mr. Emanuel isn’t the combative figure he appears to be, just happens to coincide with what appears to be Timothy Geithner Month, which attempts to soften up the controversial Treasury Secratary with articles in Vogue, the New Yorker, and the Atlantic Monthly.

And, while the White House seems to be courting the chatter about its inner workings, senior adviser David Axelrod has made himself available too. He’s tamping down all the speculation by talking to The Times and Politico, giving them lines like: “There aren’t 10 people outside of Washington who give a rat’s ass about any of this.”