Sexton, Times Metro Editor, Stays Put

Last week we told you about several department heads at The Times who were taking new jobs. Joe Sexton is not one of them, at least for the moment.

Mr. Sexton, the paper’s metro editor, told staffers on Monday that he would stay on as editor for the “foreseeable future.” He said that he would like to find a new adventure within the paper, especially after serving in his current post for more than four years, but it would not be coming anytime soon.

Sources at The Times said Mr. Sexton needed to make the announcement because rumors have been swirling on the metro desk that he was on the verge of stepping down.

The implication of his message? “You don’t want to be seen as a lame duck,” said one senior editor.

In any event, it appears that his time as editor may be short-lived, but it isn’t clear if that’s a matter of months, or longer. The two internal candidates whose names come up most often as far as his replacement are Carolyn Ryan and Jodi Rudoren, the paper’s deputy metro editors.

Certainly, it’s an engaging time for Mr. Sexton. After nabbing a Pulitzer two years ago for taking down Eliot Spitzer, metro’s most recent investigation has ended David Paterson’s hopes for reelection as governor, and may have ended his career as well.

And don’t forget that in one month, The Times will face some new competition. Sources at The Wall Street Journal say its new New York section will launch on April 12. As we’ve reported, it’s currently armed with a $15 million budget.

Sexton, Times Metro Editor, Stays Put