Sony Reader Top Ten Periodicals: New York Post Takes the Bronze

This morning on the F train into work, we were reading The New York Post, and after marvelling at the story (and pictures!) of the tattooed “hellcat” who allegedly slept with Sandra Bullock’s husband (aka the “Vanilla Gorilla”), we came across an ad for Sony’s Reader.  

“Introducing the wireless Reader Daily Edition by Sony,” read the copy, “the exclusive provider of The New York Post.”  

The traditional tabloid, ink on paper, version of The Post has always struck us as a pretty near perfect medium for delivering, say, a front page photo of a woman in a red bra and a tattoo on her forehead that reads “Pray For Us Sinners,” under the headline “Blind Sided”–which is to say the near perfect medium for delivering us The Post’s daily reportage.   

We’ve never seen anyone reading The Post on a Sony Reader (okay, truth be told, we’ve never seen anyone using a Sony Reader au naturel). But still, we were curious about The Post‘s popularity on the device.

And luckily for us, as it turns out, the Sony Reader homepage has a handy “Bestsellers” list of its periodical selections. According to the sales rankings, The Post does quite well, relatively speaking, coming in # 3 on the list behind only The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and trouncing us (The New York Observer came in at #19).   

Here’s the rest of the top ten, along with how much it will cost you to read the periodical on the Sony Reader on a monthly basis:  

(1) The Wall Street Journal ($14.99)  

(2) The New York Times ($13.99)  

(3) The New York Post ($9.99)  

(4) All Things Digital ($1.99)  

(5) The International Herald Tribune ($9.99)  

(6) Los Angeles Times ($9.99)  

(7) Financial Times ($14.99)   

(8) Chicago Tribune ($9.99)   

(9) The Washington Times ($9.99)   

(10) San Jose Mercury News ($5.99)      


(caveat: we have a call into a publicist but, at the moment, really don’t know for sure whether this list is based exclusively on the number of sales)

Sony Reader Top Ten Periodicals: New York Post Takes the Bronze