Stop the Bus! Gillibrand ‘Hopeful’ Paterson Will Be Cleared

This morning David Paterson implied that Kirsten Gillibrand had thrown him under the bus when she said he should resign if the allegations against him are proven true. Matt Canter, a spokesman for Ms. Gillibrand, just emailed to reiterate the if portion of those remarks, and said she’s “hopeful” Mr. Paterson–who appointed her to the Senate–will be cleared in the two-fold ethics investigations.

From Mr. Canter:

“The Senator said the investigation must be completed before any decisions are made, but that if the allegations are proven to be true the Governor would need to step down. She remains hopeful that the investigation will clear the Governor of these allegations. In the mean time, she has complete confidence in the state’s ability to come together and solve the historic challenges we face.”