This Morning, Everyone’s Taking Aim at the Top

The David Paterson story didn’t move all that much over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean it receded at all. The Post has quotes from the 911 calls this morning, which it says came from a source familiar with them. It doesn’t say where the source works, but it does mention that Andrew Cuomo’s office has subpoenaed them. In the Daily News, Mike Lupica throws some cold water on the Governor Ravitch speculation, noting that the 76-year old has never actually been elected to anything.

CBS may not be satisfied with its incumbent anchor. The Times reports this morning that they’ve already talked to Anderson Cooper–who has a regular guest gig on 60 Minutes–about taking the helm when Katie Couric’s contract expires next year. (Speaking of The Times, the Wall Street Journal mentions that its rival rescinded last year’s 5 percent paycut for salaried employees in New York.)

A British bank is making a move for the top spot in the insurance industry in Asia–which wouldn’t warrant a mention here, except that it’s buying out A.I.G.’s Asian business. It’s a $35.5 billion dollar deal, and–thanks to that bailout–the New York Fed gets the first $16 billion.

Meanwhile, Microsoft might be trying to undermine Google, by encouraging other companies to file antitrust suits against the internet giant.