What Will They Think of Next?

The polls are finally open in that special election in Queens where expelled former State Senator Hiram Monserrate is trying to win back his seat. His challenger, Jose Peralta, has a huge lead and will probably win.

Either way, it’s been a weird campaign. Let’s review:

After declaring himself the torchbearer for Yes We Can, Mr. Monserrate decided to borrow Barack Obama’s logo–adding a little flourish on the bottom to make it a Q–for Queens!–so as not to be confused with the president’s nearly-identical symbol. (Which didn’t quite work.)

In other fliers, Mr. Monserrate’s supporters–who have rallied around his opposition to same-sex marriage–called him the “Defender of Our Christian Principles” and branded his opponent, Jose Peralta, the “Gay Caballero.”

Mr. Peralta, for his part, sent out a nice glossy mailer with a photo of Mr. Monserrate getting arrested, and included the URL where voters could find a link to a surveillance video of the then-senator dragging his girlfriend through a hallway–footage that Mr. Peralta also used in his campaign ads.

Mr. Monserrate also used his web site to roll out endorsements and supporters from previous campaigns, and, according to this morning’s Times, took to his Facebook page to accuse Mr. Peralta of infidelity.

However, we could not seem to find this particular allegation on Facebook–which might be because we are not “friends” with Mr. Monserrate, or perhaps, because we are bad at navigating that site–but, in either case, it would seem to underscore the importance (particularly in Queens?) of producing and distributing one’s allegations on real, actual paper.

The polls close at 9.

What Will They Think of Next?