Zac Posen’s Weird Doll Ad: Coming Soon to a Cab Near You

The Observer‘s Chloe Malle reported earlier this month that Zac Posen was designing a condo development. Malle got a glimpse of the development’s campaign before it was pulled from YouTube; but now it’s back online, and will be appearing on taxi TVs this week.

The Times both posts the clip and describes it at length:

The saucy video promoting the apartments plays on the term “model apartment.” It shows the main character, a male Ken-like doll, cavorting around the condominium as his friends shoot photographs, paint and raise Champagne glasses.

As the evening progresses, the male doll sinks into a bubble bath, and watches as a female doll in a bustier and thigh-high fishnet stockings scribbles her number in lipstick on a bathroom mirror. (Another female doll – this one still, mostly, dressed – then flits by the door.) In the next scene, set in the male doll’s bedroom, our hero, now clad in a bathrobe, rouses himself from sleep. Moments later, yet another woman emerges from under the covers.

So. If you’re in the market for a saucy video about real estate, you know where to go.

Zac Posen’s Weird Doll Ad: Coming Soon to a Cab Near You