After pay-to-play laws, state contractor campaign contributions down 29%

Campaign contributions from public contractors have fallen by 29% since pay-to-play laws were passed in 2006 – from $15.1 million to $10.7 million – according to New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) executive director Jeff Brindle.

“It appears that a growing number of contractors simply have stopped making donations due to pay-to-play restrictions,’’ said Brindle.  “Many firms apparently are fearful of losing government business by making a wrong donation.” 

State pay-to-play laws require all business receiving in excess of $50,000 in public contracts must report their donations annually, and those with state contracts are prohibited from contributing more than $300 to gubernatorial candidates, state political parties, county political parties, and legislative leadership committees.  As a result, Brindle noted, contractor donations have dropped by 25%.