At NYC Tea Party Rally, Lou Dobbs Gets All Affable On Tape

As we noted yesterday, the May issue of GQ contains a long profile of Lou Dobbs. Contained therein, is one of the more, um, surprising sentences we’ve read in a long while.

“Affable is the word that often comes up from reporters, even staunch critics who meet Lou Dobbs for the first time,” wrote Jeanne Marie Laskas.



Wish the guys at PolitiFact would look into that one.

But, in the meantime, Mr. Dobbs did us a favor, yesterday, by interacting with a number of reporters at a Tea Party rally in New York–an entertaining sequence which was captured on camera. Along the way, the affable Mr. Dobbs calls one questioner “rude.” When another reporter presses Mr. Dobbs with a follow-up question about the scant number of minorities in the Tea Party movement, Mr. Dobbs unleashes his affability full bore.

“Do you want to know what I’ve got to say, or do you want to continue with this nonsense,” says Mr. Dobbs. “I don’t take it seriously. You’re not listening to me.”