Celebrity Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Gets Times profile, Gallery Show

Scott Campbell, the tattoo artist who has inked a dandelion on Helena Christensen’s ankle, an old man on the late Heath Ledger’s right bicep, and “Consuelos” (as in Marc) on Kelly Ripa’s wrist, is getting a solo show at the newly opened OHWOW gallery on Crosby Street on April 29. The news comes from The New York Times which profiles Mr. Campbell in its Style section today.

It was exactly a year ago that the Daily Transom wrote about Mr. Campbell, who told us about seeing Marc Jacobs ten times in a year and administering bull terriers to his arms and a visage of Elizabeth Taylor on his back. “There are some people I would have stepped in and said, ‘Hey, maybe you should slow down a little.’ But Marc has a very clear idea of what he wants. He’s very deliberate,” Mr. Campbell had told us.

Now some of Mr. Campbell’s famous friends (Josh Hartnett, Courtney Love, Sting and family, etc.) will probably come out to admire his art of which the Times provides little detail other than that it is mixed media and includes “United States currency that he etches with a laser.”