Clintons Prefer Rowing Their Own Boats to Being on Supreme Court

On This Week yesterday, Bill Clinton shot down the fashionable hypothetical that–in a throwback to the bygone days of Washington civility and William Howard Taft–President Obama might nominate Mr. Clinton to the Supreme Court.

“I think I would enjoy it, but I don’t think it would be a good idea,” Mr. Clinton told Jake Tapper. “I’m already 63-years-old, I hope I live to be 90. I hope I’m just as healthy as Justice Stevens is. But it’s not predictable. I’d like to see him put someone in there, late 40s, early 50s, on the court and someone with a lot of energy for the job. And I don’t think that’d be a good choice.”

That also precludes his wife. “Oh, she would be great at it, but–and I think at one point in her life she have might been interested in it. But she’s like me, you know, we’re kind of doers. We like being out there and doing things, rowing our own boat and making changes we could see happen.”