Even Toby Keith Isn’t Covering for Palin

Noted country music musician and metaphorical ass-kicker Toby Keith also didn’t talk to Sarah Palin for her Real American Stories special debuting on Fox News tonight.

After LL Cool J complained that the network was using an old interview of his to promote the show, The Times called the publicist for Mr. Keith, who was also being advertised as one of the featured guests. The publicist said Mr. Keith never sat for an interview with the former governor, but that he did sit for an interview with someone else back in January 2009, which appears to be the segment Fox is using.

So, in this instance, Ms. Palin’s hosting gig doesn’t appear to mean actually speaking to any of the big-name guests. Instead, it seems Ms. Palin will be introducting segments that were recorded back while she was a public official.

In any case, the country singer isn’t asking to be dropped, and, unlike with Mr. Cool J, Fox has so far refrained from doing so; Mr. Keith’ publicist said she would have just liked a phone call or something.

“I’m not saying Fox did not email me. Maybe they spelled my name wrong,” she told The Times. Which does seem possible.

Even Toby Keith Isn’t Covering for Palin