Eye Opener: Intelligence-Based

The administration is switching to an intelligence-based screening system. [NYT]

Long road! A.I.G. is “now on a path” to paying back its $182.3 billion dollars in bailout money. [Bloomberg]

The New York Fed’s investment portfolio isn’t so good either. [WSJ]

John Malkovich would like his Madoff money back. [NYDN]

Joan Walsh would like an apology from Tina Brown and The Daily Beast. [Salon]

Still more Italian literary hoaxes. [The New Yorker]

Jamie Dimon is thinking about a successor. [NYP]

A federal grand jury is asking questions about those non-profits New York pols like so much. [NYDN]

Michael Crichton’s art collection is worth $75 million. [Bloomberg]

Pace Wildenstein splits. [NYT]

Slums Cured My Brattiness.” [NYP]

Eye Opener: Intelligence-Based