Former Variety Film Critic Todd McCarthy Starts New Blog, Embraces the First Person

The Wrap reports that former Variety chief film critic Todd McCarthy, who was cut from the trade paper as a cost-saving measure less than two months ago, has found a new home online — he’ll be writing a blog for indieWIRE called Deep Focus.

In his first post, McCarthy said he’s looking forward to embracing the less formal aspects of the new medium.

“With this new site, I will continue writing formal reviews of important new pictures, but the blog aspect will permit me to write about so many other things, from Hollywood personalities I encounter as a matter of course to observations about my son’s progress as a blossoming film buff. In this welcoming column alone, I’m able to write in the first person as I rarely could at Variety, and the possibility to expand the way I write about films and the film world is enormously energizing.”