iPhones Are For Moms and Poseurs

“The iPhone is just too cute. It’s similar to the way menswear is going: precious. Touching the button-less buttons and sliding the imaginary slide… I just think BlackBerries are for handling business. Maybe it doesn’t have the best camera and maybe it doesn’t play the harmonica, but it has actual buttons. iPhones are probably the future, but I’ll just stick with BBM and Twitter as my go-to apps.”

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Courtesy of Mordechai Rubinstein

Michael Williams, "Yard Salsa", 2015, Installation View, Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Montreal, Canada. (Photo: Courtesy of Canada Gallery)

"I just switched to a BlackBerry from an iPhone, partially because of AT&T’s horrendous service. We go to these trade shows every year in Las Vegas and if there are 10 people around you with an iPhone, it just doesn’t work. Also, I feel like the best way to get laid with a girl you know is to have her on BBM. You know, you’re out and you’re chatting – there’s no way to replicate that with an iPhone. When it first came out it was something definitely appealing. Now if someone takes it out I just think ‘unemployed graphic designer.’”

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Angelo Baque

"This is my emperical observation: the iPhone is a toy, the Blackberry is a tool."

“I feel like everything a fashion person does is very text-based. If I’m emailing back and forth with editors all day, I can’t be sitting there with my pointer finger gingerly tapping at my screen.”


“Most people I know who work in fashion are using the BlackBerry. It's the keyboard. The iPhone’s keyboard is perfectly usable but when you're typing 100 emails a day it's better to have a dedicated keyboard. I also feel like the iPhone is more delicate. I've literally dropped my BlackBerry out of a moving car. I drop it every single day, I think, and it’s still going.”

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“I need that tactile keyboard. Not only are my big manly thumbs too clumsy for that touch screen, it's necessary that I feel the keys. I can type without looking, whilst having a conversation with someone and chewing gum--all at the same time.”

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“As much as I'd like to play Mario Cart on the subway, a BlackBerry is much more useful.”

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