The Times Streams the National–Or Maybe Not

the national The Times Streams the National  Or Maybe NotThe Times was set to stream the National’s forthcoming album (High Violet) on its Web site, accompanying a long profile of the band that will run in this Sunday’s Magazine. As Mashable points out, this seemed like a shrewd response to High Violet‘s recent leak–the band could control the album’s distribution while still building buzz, and the paper could demonstrate its site’s value to a younger audience.

But someone seems to have gotten cold feet. According to a new editor’s note on the site, “Due to security issues, the full stream of the ‘High Violet’ has been removed. A condensed version of the album will be posted shortly.”


(Trivia: lead singer Matt Berninger’s wife, Carin Besser, was a fiction editor at The New Yorker until recently–fun couple alert.)

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