Journalism of the Future Will Be Fueled by Contests and Rating Systems

The Business Insider posted a survey that AOL’s “Seed” content farm recently sent out. And while TBI focuses on the prospect of outsourced copy-editing and fact-checking, we find ourselves more interested in the implied psychological portrait of a Seed contributor. For example:

Why have you not submitted an article or photo gallery to Seed (select all that apply)?

–  Site hard to use

–  Don’t feel qualified

–  Concerned about being rejected

–  Assignments are too simple or below my level of experience and ability

–  Pay too low

–  Too much work

–  Not interested in the topics available

–  Other (please specify)

Indeed, fear of rejection is daunting! We have experienced it on numerous occasions, although none Seed-related. But might a sufficiently compelling motivation overcome such anxiety?

What kind of recognition/incentive would interest you most? (select one)

–  Contests

–  Rating system

–  Success stories

–  Creator of the week or month

–  Individual profile page listing professional info and published Seed works

–  Other (please specify)

–  Recognitions/incentives aren’t as important to me

We wish we could say that recognitions/incentives aren’t “as important” to us, but we do like a good rating system.