Last Night’s TV: Glenn Beck Gets a New Co-Host. Also, Really Hates Woodrow Wilson

Glenn Beck, the Carrot Top of Fox News. The talk show host found a new partner in crime at Disneyworld last week: a puppet he gleefully called “Mickey Mao.” But lest you think Mr. Beck’s entire program was reduced to a cable news version of Avenue Q, he also found time to tell everyone his true feelings about Woodrow Wilson. Quoth Mr. Beck, “He was the most evil dude ever.”

Wrapped up in the fad that is 3D, Stephen Colbert tried some Clash of the Titans-like post-production 3D conversion on his show last night and the results were surprisingly not bad. Though be forewarned: this clip could make you a bit dizzy

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Stephen Converts to 3D
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And finally, President Barack Obama threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener yesterday (a game they lost of the Philadelphia Phillies 11-1), and got some playful boos for donning a Chicago White Sox hat. One tip for President Obama, however, in the wake of his pitch: stick to basketball.