Lou Dobbs Calls MSNBC “GE’s gift to the Obama Administration”

lou dobbs getty1 Lou Dobbs Calls MSNBC GEs gift to the Obama AdministrationIn the May issue of GQ, Jeanne Marie Laskas pens a 6,000-word profile of Lou Dobbs post-CNN in which we learn that Mr. Dobbs uses a Mac laptop, objects to the improper use of the word “badly,” is a fun guy to debate, has a radio show that now attracts roughly one million listeners a week, once bought and lost a goat, thinks MSNBC is “GE’s gift to the Obama Administration,” doesn’t consider himself a “birther,” has an ego that can affect barometric pressure, acts chivalrously if you get disoriented in Times Square, wears a dainty bracelet, likes symmetry in design and believes illegal immigrants are rational actors in an irrational system.