Nobody Can Replace Eric Massa

David Paterson has no plans to call a special election in order to replace salty sailor Eric Massa, who resigned his House seat last month, rather than face an ethics investigation involving young male staffers, tickling, fracking, and possibly snorkeling.

“We have some serious concerns about the financial impact that a special election could have on the county level, especially because those counties are facing the same fiscal crisis that the state is facing,” a spokesperson for Mr. Paterson, Maggie McKeon, emailed a Gannett reporter. Ms. McKeon also said the governor was also concerned overseas voters might not be able to participate.

The governor called two special elections last year, when the political winds were considerably more favorable to Democrats. Now he seems content to ride out this Republican moment with an empty seat, and wait for the regularly-scheduled election in November. Whether things will be any better then, well…