Obama Wonders if the Press Corps Will Ask Questions While Eating

The White House press corps was in need of a little attention this week. Obama has not been spending much time with them, and maybe there’s a point to be made that his administation is not as transparent as it claims to be. But yesterday, in a gesture of goodwill, the president made his way to the back of Air Force One to talk with reporters for nine minutes, according to The Caucus. The press corps couldn’t put their chicken parmigiana away fast enough!

Members of the often-complaining press corps were besides themselves with excitement, putting away the chicken parmigiana they were eating to talk to the president.

Asked about his views on Goldman Sachs, Mr. Obama said, “I don’t want to comment on a pending case,” but added that most Americans might find some of the behavior of the big financial institutions out of whack with mainstream America.

Obama was betting that they couldn’t ask questions with food in their mouths. It just goes to show how poorly he knows the press.