Perkins Under Fire, But at Least Rangel Backs Him

Bill Perkins is facing loud criticism today for his opposition to charter schools, with negative coverage in the New York Post, a television ad slamming him, and loud protesters waving signs directed at him outside 250 Broadway.

He’s up for re-election this year, so it’s not really a good time for this.

But Perkins has one thing going for him–he has the support of Rep. Charlie Rangel.

It’s particularly noteworthy because Perkins was reportedly considering running for Rangel’s seat. Also, a few allies of Rangel are considering challenging Perkins–for example Rodney Capel, who is the son of Rangel’s top aide, Jim Capel.

Kevin Wardally, a consultant for Rangel, confirmed his support for Perkins, saying the congressman “always” supports incumbents for re-election.