Rangel: I Didn’t Oust Adam Clayton Powell. The Seat Was Open

Rep. Charlie Rangel didn’t seem too concerned about Adam Clayton Powell’s entering the race to replace him.

John Fund at the Wall Street Journal said the demographic shift could make Powell a real contender. And of course, there’s Rangel’s well-documented ethics troubles.

But Rangel’s not worried.

“Any changes if it works against me it works against all the candidates,” Rangel said. “I don’t see where anyone would be disadvantaged.”

The 20-term congressman went on to say, “I joking have said that there was a time that I have seriously thought about helping and recruiting someone younger. But they got old.”

Rangel also tried to correct a common misperception, which is that he ousted Powell’s father, a legendary congressman.

“I really never unseated his father. His father left the community,” said Rangel. “And if you go and look at the records, you would see that Charlie Rangel ran for an empty seat.”