Rangel Learns the Truth About Judas: ‘Oh My God!’

rangel 01 Rangel Learns the Truth About Judas: Oh My God!If you’re friend is called a “Judas,” it’s probably not a good idea to keep using the metaphor.

At the health care rally yesterday, Rep. Mike McMahon was called a “Judas,” for voting against the bill. Rep. Charlie Rangel, dean of the delegation, tried saying the story of Judas had a happy ending.

“Judas was ultimately forgiven,” and “Judas became a saint, I think,” Rangel said.

Wrong. Judas, a Catholic reader reminds me, killed himself and went to hell.

Someone at the rally apparently informs Rangel about Judas’ ending (“hung himself,” can be heard.)

Rangel responds, “Oh my god! I’m backing off from meddling.”

Just had to set the record straight, since it’s Good Friday.