Report: Fox News Pays Sarah Palin $1 million a year

Sarah Palin’s contract with Fox News, which was negotiated on her behalf by Washington power broker Robert Barnett and signed in January 2010, pays Ms. Palin  $ 1 million a year for three years, Gabriel Sherman reports today in New York magazine.

According to Mr. Sherman, during the negotiations, Mr. Barnett told Fox News executives that Ms. Palin did not want to be constantly bombarded for interview requests from various Fox News producers. As a result, Mr. Sherman reports, any time Fox News producers on say, The O’Reilly Factor or The Sean Hannity Show, want to book Ms. Palin, they must channel their requests through senior vice president for programming Bill Shine.

More from New York:

Her star power at Fox has sparked competition among the various personalities, all of whom would like more Palin on their shows. Shine is responsible for making sure everyone gets equal time, to maximize her ratings appeal across the network. “Obviously, there needs to be a sense of fairness,” Shine explains.