Revolving Door: Media Moves in the Past Two Weeks

[A sidebar to “The Great Media Hiring Thaw”]

Jen Saba
Editor & Publisher to Reuters

Karen Tumulty
From Time Magazine to the Washington Post as national political correspondent

Kim Dozier
from CBS as Middle East correspondent to AP as intelligence reporter

Liz Benjamin
From the New York Daily News to become host of Capitol Tonight

David Weigel
From The Washington Independent to The Washington Post

John Cook
From Gakwer to Yahoo

Sumathi Reddy
From Newsday to WSJ as NY Restaurant Reporter

Kate Taylor
From the WSJ to The Times.

Jeff McCracken
From WSJ to Bloomberg

Adam Rubin
From the Daily News to ESPN-NY

Michael Crowley
From The New Republic to Time

Lisa Lerer
From Politico to Bloomberg