Stone: Gibney Has No Proof on Spitzer’s Socks, Langone’s P.I.

Roger Stone writes to correct something in my item about the Eliot Spitzer movie. Stone says he never said “eat shit” after walking out of the film screening. What he did say is “Bullshit.”

Here’s Stone, who also takes objection to Gibney’s assertion that Ken Langone had Spitzer followed by private investigators:

Seriously —– “An attendee heard Mr. Stone saying the filmmaker and movie organizers could “eat shit.” 
I never said this.  I did say BULLSHIT   out loud when I learned that “Angelina” the Hooker in the movie was an actress and that the movie nevers reveal the name or visage of a resal hooker who actually banged Spitzer. The unamed hooker is the source of the the claim that Spitzer did NOT wear black socks- a contrivance ! a device ! Gibney has NO on record source for that  claim OR the claim that Langone hired a PI to “get the goods ‘ on Spitzer none at all. That is because he has prrof of neither.
Never said Gibney could “eat shit”. He is not a bad fellow at all- just an idelogue with an agenda.