Tonight: 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson’s speech to the AP bashing corporate chiefs

100 years ago tonight, Woodrow Wilson addressed the annual dinner of the Associated Press and the American Newspaper Publishers’ Association in New York.  Wilson’s message: hold executives personally accountable for illegal acts performed by their corporations. 

The speech came less than two weeks after a group of Democratic leaders began to float Wilson’s name as a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination; at the time, Democrats appeared split between Trenton Mayor Frank Katzenbach, the unsuccessful 1907 candidate, and State Sen. George Silzer (D-New Brunswick).  Wilson had previously been considered the likely Democratic candidate for United States Senator against Republican incumbent John Kean (the great uncle of Gov. Thomas Kean), if Democrats were to win a majority of seats in the fall Legislative elections.

Katzenbach, the uncle of future U.S. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, later became a New Jersey Supreme Court Justice.  Silzer was elected Governor in 1922.