Urban Daddy: Dan Abrams’ and Dave Zinczenko’s New Restaurant “Engineered for Table-Hopping”

thelion Urban Daddy: Dan Abrams and Dave Zinczenkos New Restaurant Engineered for Table HoppingNot long ago, The New York Post reported that media wingmen Dan Abrams and Dave Zinczenko were investing in a new restaurant on West Ninth Street to be called The Lion.

Today, the second-person-loving nightlife newsletter Urban Daddy gave up an early peek into the playas’ den.

From Urban Daddy:

You’ll enter the Lion through the front bar, where exposed, low-wattage lightbulbs reflect the gleam of ambition in the eyes of your fellow titans of industry. Make your way to the skylit dining hall in back, where banquettes ring the walls in a formation engineered for table-hopping.


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