‘Virtually Nothing’ Will be Free on WSJ.com for New York News

Here’s a little bit more from my interview with Robert Thomson: The Journal’s local New York report will almost entirely be behind a paywall.

“Nothing,” said Robert Thomson when asked what would be free. “Virtually nothing.”

And how come?

“There may be a sports story, maybe, maybe a little cultural, but the presumption should be it’s all behind the wall,” he said. “You have to pay for it. You have to for quality content.”

“If you look at where the wall is at The Journal, the wall is moving in one direction,” he continued. “There are fewer and fewer free articles. More and more is behind the wall. It’s true of everything at The Journal and it’ll certainly be true of New York. Anyone who wants to read more about New York really should buy The Journal, cancel their New York Times and double up.”