Wagner bill will return corrupt pension money to local government

wagnerconnie 0 Wagner bill will return corrupt pension money to local government

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (D-Paramus) will introduce legislation to reimburse local governments for their contributions toward public pensions for corrupt officials.  If a local government employer contributed to the pension of an official who was later convicted of corruption, the state – in the next fiscal year – Wagner’s bill would reduce the local government’s pension contribution by the amount it paid on behalf of the corrupt official.

 “New Jersey communities that contributed hard-earned money to the pensions of corrupt officials deserve a break,” Wagner said.  “Taxpayers expect honorable service, and they shouldn’t be financially penalized when they get otherwise.”

The state passed a law in 2007 revoking the benefits of public officials convicted of corruption, but local governments that paid toward those benefits don’t get a refund of their contributions.

This bill would be a give back to citizens that have been wronged by their public officials,” Wagner said. “By allowing the local public employer to reduce their pension obligation one time in the amount contributed for the individual that will lose their pension, taxpayers would get some relief for the terrible actions of corrupt officials.”